Craft yourself a thriving and meaningful life

A book by Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau

A universal framework for getting what you want

Whether you’re crystal clear about your purpose in life, or whether you’re still exploring your options, Gateless will help you get there with more clarity and fewer setbacks.

“Gems” from history, science, philosophy

From biochemistry to Roman diplomacy, you’ll gain tactics and strategies that you can put into action immediately, handed down from all branches of human knowledge.

Gateless does a beautiful job of explaining how to be effective — physically, mentally and in terms of schedule and resources. It combines a high level arc explaining the approach with many, many smaller strategies at the small scale.
Noah Gibbs, Reviewer
This book will improve your life. I'm not saying that lightly. I've read my share of self improvement books of various kinds... This book covers many aspects of productivity and general success factors that you won't find discussed elsewhere.
Bookaddict, Reviewer

The Four Currencies (and one outcome)

It’s easy to measure money, but how do you know if you’re developing the right skills, reputation, and relationships? Gateless gives you a precise structure to maximize your resources (money is just one of them) and find clarity in the intangibles that people worry about so often. Learn dozens of mental models, tactics, and strategies to apply in your own life.


Your individual ability to leverage resources to get results.

  • Why mind doesn’t always win over matter, and how to avoid the trap that so many ambitious people fall into.
  • Two vastly different ways to use caffeine — one to enhance creativity and one to get through grunt work.
  • Distracted, frustrated, or otherwise off-track? Learn how to retake control of your decision-making.
  • A scientific process for setting goals, building habits, and getting the outcomes you want.
  • How to get easier wins by shaping the environment to work on your behalf.


A practical approach to relationships that’s neither unrealistically optimistic or inhumanly sociopathic.

  • Are you currently leaving your relationships to chance? Learn how taking responsibility leads to more serendipity.
  • Avoid the common mistake that prevents people from connecting with high-authority individuals.
  • How to become the type of person that your friends will want to introduce to everyone they know.
  • The seven types of people you need in your life and ways to grow those connections.
  • Proven tools and processes used by CEOs, top consultants, and community leaders to stay in touch with the people who matter most.


Beyond brand and credentials — how other people’s perceptions influence your reality.

  • The six elements of Signal and why some are vastly more powerful than others.
  • How to improve your credibility in almost all cases.
  • Recognize how Signal impacts other people and the doors it can open (or close).
  • Overcome initial stereotypes (too young, too old, etc.) and case studies of successful strategies.
  • Ensure that you Signal is built on solid ground so that you always match big expectations with big results.


How you relate with money and uncommon advice that isn’t taught in mainstream books or schooling.

  • Class based spending will kill you. Learn what it is and how to avoid it.
  • Recognize the autopilot decisions that make or lose us fortunes over time.
  • Emotional and irrational decision making (that isn’t even fun) that’s costing you money every month.
  • Learn the characteristics of people who are good at managing their Assets.
  • A framework to calculate how to spend your resources most effectively.


Concrete strategies for getting your end goal (and exactly what to do if your don’t know what that is).

  • Have a crystal clear purpose in life? Gain strategies and case studies for winning the upcoming battles.
  • If your purpose is vague or moving slowly, learn how to literally put it on rocket fuel (how the US won the space race and why that matters).
  • What to do if you’re not ready to commit to a grand mission yet — ways to create opportunities for your future self.
  • Feeling stuck or uncertain about your next steps? Get actionable steps for searching for meaning and figuring out what matters to you.
  • How to sculpt your perfect day so that you’re happy far more often and getting more of what you want out of life.
Sebastian and Kai offer a rare blend of first principles philosophy and dense actionable insights that make Gateless both fascinating and indispensable. This is a book that will both engage you and stick in your thoughts for weeks.
Jay Bobzin, Reviewer